About Us

The 6th Avenue Corridor, Inc. is an ambitious nonprofit organization whose mission is to coordinate the commercial revitalization of 6th Avenue from I-235 north to the Des Moines River bridge. Stretching for approximately 1.2 miles, the 6th Avenue Corridor district runs through the historic River Bend and Cheatom Park neighborhoods. Historically one of the most affluent areas in Des Moines, the corridor faced its lowest point of economic distress in the 1990’s. In the past decade, area residents have focused efforts to reinvigorate the commercial and housing markets of 6th Avenue, which today is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse neighborhoods in the City. Established in 2009, the 6th Avenue Corridor is laying the groundwork for increased and sustained revitalization. What are Our Objectives?
  • Organizing the business community for networking, training opportunities, and connecting to technical and financial resources
  • Providing education and consultation about historic preservation of buildings along the Corridor, as well as connecting owners to historic preservation resources
  • Working with the City and other partners to ensure implementation and success of a new streetscape, including new pedestrian safety features, aesthetic improvements, and sustainability concepts
  • Developing a branding and marketing plan for the Corridor
  • Planning events that bring people into the Corridor to change perceptions and build a greater customer base for businesses
  • Building upon and emphasizing the rich cultural diversity of the area