6th Avenue Corridor Designated an Iowa Great Place!

In January of 2015, 6th Avenue Corridor was designated an official "Iowa Great Place" by the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs. The designation accompanies a $250,000 Challenge Grant and supports the planned streetscape improvements and redevelopment efforts in the one mile stretch from I-235 to the Des Moines River. “The City of Des Moines is excited to have the 6th Avenue Corridor designated as an Iowa Great Place,” said City Planner Kyle Larson, noting that this is the first time a City district has been recognized with the designation. “This project brought together a host of partners at the local, regional, state, and federal levels and once implemented will serve as a model neighborhood revitalization catalyst project.” “The Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs commends the City of Des Moines and the 6th Avenue Corridor for their joint efforts to build and sustain more culturally vibrant neighborhoods,” Iowa Great Places Program Coordinator David Schmitz stated. “This streetscape and public art project recognizes the diversity and historic character of the 6 th Avenue Corridor as authentic local assets and lays the groundwork for future local and private investment.” Construction of the improvements remains a few years out, as City engineers are moving forward with detailed construction plans. The grant provides for a three-year funding window. 10926444_10153647061414012_5271408123459716093_n 10978486_10153655963964012_4932539229081378164_n 10469931_10153647055994012_749285660613304984_n 10410115_10153647058434012_8519930220559543766_n   Additional photos of the celebratory Open House can be view on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/6thavenuecorridor).