Our Vision

During the Greening America’s Capitals public workshop in February 2013, the design team solicited community input in developing a vision statement to re-imagine the future of 6th Avenue. The following statement was developed by residents and stakeholders: “The 6th Avenue Corridor through the historic River bend and Cheatom Park neighborhoods is a vibrant, safe, pedestrian-friendly, culturally and historically rich area that encourages all of Des Moines to socialize, work, shop, play, and live." To achieve this vision, the 6th Avenue Corridor looks to build upon existing assets, which include:
  • Close proximity to downtown and major employment centers
  • Historic building stock
  • Access to public transportation
  • Views of the Des Moines River
  • Access to regional recreational amenities
  • Rich ethnic diversity
  • Relatively inexpensive land, allowing for redevelopment of vacant parcels
  • Dedicated neighbors and partner organization committed to revitalization efforts
The following planning documents provide a framework to guide our revitalization efforts: 6th & College Revitalization Plan – January 2014 Greening America’s Capitals – November 2013 Un Nuevo Amanacer: A New Dawn (Defining Place on 6th Avenue) – January 2013 City of Des Moines Conceptual Streetscape Plan – October 2012 6th Avenue Parking Study DRAFT